Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Old and New Sparks

Blowing like the wind!! :)

The last couple of weeks has been an overwhelming experience…..met old friends and recreated magic, trod down memory lane and revisited my college days, felt like a princess and could finally start a new page of my life without an ounce of hesitation. This feeling is huge and in a very long time I feel emancipated.

Thanks to Sweety and Hema who travelled the whole night just to ignite old flames and we remained glued to each other, each of us taking turns to speak and wiping away happy tears. Life sure is different now. Earlier it used to be cool guys now its about doting husbands, pocket moneys now turned into salaries, roadside tea stalls are now CCDs and KFCs, don’t know when our worries about what to wear on a date changed into when to get married, earlier it was about gaining weights and now its about hiding the cellulite to look younger. We laugh at our old silly jokes and chanced on our old pics only to realise the tiny wrinkles that appear out of nowhere. WE met after four years…just for a few hours….and it sounds stupid but there was laughter, tears, jealousy, anger in those few precious precious hours….like old times but at the end of the day we had to bade goodbye and went ahead with our lives with a deep sigh with no idea whatsoever as to when we will meet next…and none of us volunteered to ask about our next meeting as each one of us was aware of the answer.

Perhaps this is the beauty of life…we meet inorder to part. Just as an end marks a new beginning…..

Cheers to friendship and to new beginnings!! 

*For u again VDz!! Love u all