Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Bitterness speaks!

Today I read this amazing line. “Some days you meet someone and you immediately know you wanna spend the rest of your life WITHOUT them”. I know this feeling. I have always tried to surround myself with positive people, kind hearted, forgiving souls, people who will go out of the way to help others. I am no saint for sure – my friends and I take pleasure in stupid gossips, narcissistic indulges to feel good about ourselves; we all have been hurt and hurt others; we have drank away our griefs at times and uplifted each other in weird ways. I can never imagine them plotting away to malign someone’s character or humiliate them publicly. It is strange for me. And I am sure it is for those who share the same thought process as me. Recently I had this humiliating encounter of being roasted in between; raising voices around me to the point of embarrassment and there I was standing solely, lost, not knowing what to do. I just wanted it to end. Whoever was wrong or whoever was right, it is not important anymore. I wish I was at a position to stop it and I just felt like they took advantage of my na├»ve nature. It just didn’t feel right. Age old grudge they nurture in their hearts and one fine day, the storm arrives and tore apart all relations and the peripheries too. Its no more cordial anymore. Earlier atleast you could fake a smile or fake a “Hello” but now the strand has been butchered by sheer volume of words and tone. Aaaahhhhh!! Women!! I admire strong, intelligent women with a kind heart. But women who try to intimidate others with sheer noise and crap that comes out of their mouth I hate. For a change, why not keep our minds confined to serve the purpose for which we are paid to do, finish the fucking job and go back to wherever hole we came out of. Why interfere in personal spaces, why talk behind back, why raise voice to prove superiority, why not keep the damn politics away!! Sometimes its just so hard to ignore or just walk away!

I have a loving family to go back home to, and no matter how my day went, I have someone who can straighten all the creases of the day with just a simple word. I do not wish to carry my baggage of such days back home. And I had to let go of this restlessness so here I am writing it out. I wish they do the same. I wish them well and really hope that someone out there loves them and straighten all the twists they had. Kindness pays, my dear! For once, shed the bitterness and spare a moment to be kind. The consequences will surprise you! AMEN