Saturday, 1 June 2013

Home is where the FAMILY is :)

I have become more like a guest at my home. Its been almost 10 years since I left home to continue my studies. And now, home is just a feeling....A feeling which sweeps me once in a year or may be if I am lucky enough I get it twice a year. I cant remember the last time when my whole family were under the same roof or dining together or making fun of each of other....its been such a long long time. For now, I just am happy that I get to pack my bags for going home again coz it is something which I have been missing for so long. I cant wait to see those beaming faces waiting for me.....the overwhelming love that makes me all so teary-eyed. And I know as much as I am excited to go home, it will be much more the pain when the time comes for me to depart. There, my Mom will stand concealing her tears, my Dad blinking away tears lest they would make me weak and I, pretending to be strong and I would excuse myself as though I forgot something important and cry my heart out in my room before saying "goodbye". Every year it has been the same. The same excitement before going home....counting every day and the same pain when the time comes for me to leave.

But for now, let me just relish this moment of excitement for in a day or two I get to feel the warm embrace of my Mom and the ever so protective aura of my Dad. They have been waiting for long, and it doesn't matter if it will not last long......coz....their daughter is finally coming HOME!! :)