Wednesday, 1 January 2014

NEW YEAR at Hostel rocks!!

So I survived 2013 and welcomed the New Year with loud giggles, loud music, dancing like a duck and laughing away like crazy…it’s the best coz half of the girls in our hostel have gone home, at least we are hoping they are at home <wink><wink>. I didn’t count how many of the girls were there…..may be there were about 15 of us. We pretended as though we were unleashing the wild child inside each one of us by shouting out loud, yelling whenever our junior a wannabe DJ who has the best collection of all the dance hits changed songs, pretending to be drunk by passing around Sprite bottle, clinging disposable glasses and shouting “Cheers” (hahaha….can’t help laughing). Some innovative fella then started switching the tube light “ON” and “OFF” swiftly so that it will have the effect of disco light….and you wont believe, it sure looked like one until one of the girls shouted out “Tube light fuse ho jayega. STOP IT”. And then the disco light stopped and the music grew louder and the girls even wild. Somebody then reminded that it’s only a few seconds into the NEW YEAR, then we all ran out of the room to the corridor and lawn of our hostel, began the countdown and shouted “HAPPY NEW YEAR”, airkissed each other, hugged, jumped around while still shouting. Then, realized that the merciless cold night is far too harsh to endure and rushed to the party spot again.

And when we cut the New Year cake, one of the over-charged girls started smearing cakes (Oh, I hate that part) and everyone ran away from the spot. The victim who was in the closest proximity had cream all over her face and somebody announced “Bathroom mein pani nahi aa raha hai, lets NOT smear cakes”. So began the search for water to wash away the cream. The rest of us kept dancing and laughing at all the silliness and thus, we entered the NEW YEAR together.

Its been a decade since I lived in hostel and this is the last few months of my stay here…Perhaps this is the part I am gonna miss the most. I have had the most learning experience in the midst of girls who have come far away from home. I don’t know where I will be this time around next year and I don’t wanna worry about it now. But as I leave behind these magical days of my life, I know something even more extraordinary awaits me. Family, Love, Friendship, Loyalty, Laughter, Faith…I have it all. What can I ask more? Perhaps 2014 will be about my career and career only. I hope to make my life useful to the many people I will meet in the coming years (fingers crossed).

With a silent prayer of gratitude for blessing my life abundantly, I begin this NEW YEAR and hope that 2014 will be full of pleasant surprises and abundant opportunities to put the little knowledge and experience of my life to better use.

Wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR. Have a smooth sail. Cheers!! :)