Tuesday, 19 November 2013

27 wishes

And yet again I celebrated my birthday…and now I am 27 and still counting. Yeah, I am getting older or should I say “wiser” in the most diminutive way? May be I have reached a point in my life where I ought to lie my age (hahaha)!! 27 years of life with not so much an achievement that I can flaunt off…yet proud of the person I have grown to be. I have always considered birthday celebrations to be overrated but not anymore. Atleast not when I have friends who send me flowers every year on my “born” day and this time around I even had surprise deliveries that made my heart miss a beat, and loved ones walking extra miles just to make me feel precious. I know I may not be rich enough to go for a shopping spree without even having a glance at the price tag, but when it comes to love and friendship; I know I have enough that can last a lifetime. What more can I ask for? With friends who wake up at midnight by setting alarm and wishing me in their sleepy voices, dancing like ducks at the beat of “Pappu can’t dance, saala”, cutting the cake twice, ricksaw rides searching for a picnic spot and having reached the spot…gobbling everything that can be eaten, our “Thor” taking us out for movie Thor 2, gifting me the book I have always wanted to have….I have more than a hundred reasons to indeed feel precious and loved. And for my friend, who left us for his heavenly abode, I truly missed you and I wish peace be with you wherever you are.

They told me to make a wish and I did…and may be it is these blessings that I had wished for. I don’t know where I will be in my next birthday but as long as I have these wonderful people in my life “loneliness” will hardly be a part of me. So before I hit the 30 mark, I wish to seize the opportunity to exhibit all the confidence and skill that I have, do my bit for my people and the society and keep doing some more, have that library which I so long have wanted, make my love life less complicated (sigh), laugh some more, forgive and forget, check my patience and temper which seems even more augmented with age….and the list goes on.

I say "thank you" with the best smile you gave me. What am I without you??  :)