Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Thank you Mr. K. Onler Kom!!

Way to go, Mary!!

I woke up late, checked out the papers today and smiled to myself as I saw Olympics bronze medallist boxer Mary Kom flashing the victory sign jubilantly. She defied all odds, proved that she can bring home a medal by fighting above her weight category even if she belongs to a geographically isolated part of the nation which considers cricket to be the only sport, that gender consciousness is way too overrated and achieved such feats in a fist fight, that being a mother of twin boys doesn’t set limit to your dreams, and above all proved that inspite of all the achievements, fame and glory one can still be modest and loving mother, wife and daughter.

They say “behind every successful man there is a woman” and I guess it’s the other way round as well. In a country like ours there are very few men who take a backseat and not feel threatened by their wives’ achievement. As the entire nation hailed Mary, cameras reeled on her and every journalist chasing her, all sponsors following her and there her husband stands beside her without an ounce of inferiority whatsoever.  Juggling from being a Mom to a loving wife to a caring daughter to a world champion requires enormous strength, the strength which she derives from her husband, K Onler Kom who gave up his job to support his wife and take care of his family. Their understanding and humility is indeed praiseworthy. Had her husband been not supportive, it would have been a different story. 

So as we rejoice in her achievements let us not fail to remember the man behind this feisty lady. Thank you for giving us Mary, for being an inspiration of a nation and for redefining the role of husband. Just as Mary says “If he is around, things are easy”.

And we sure need more men like him!! :)

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  1. Very True Long Live Mr. Onler Kom U are really a great person.....



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