Friday, 20 July 2012


My school, my days gone past

I sat down to write about my school days and I am swept away by nostalgia. Its hard to believe that its been a decade since I have walked past my school days. I can almost hear the laughter during the recesses, the haste of the morning bells and the sigh of relief when the last bell rings, the rush for the morning assemblies and the heartbeat before exams and the applause when we get good grades.

Those were the times when we metamorphosed from innocent chubby faces to confused teenagers, when we start nurturing a dream, when we had our first secret crush, or may be when we had our first heart break. It was the time when we shared cute tiffin boxes and a pocket money of 10 rupees meant the world to us. Those were the days when girls were all so geared up against boys and vice versa only to realise that they can find a best friend in each other. Those were the time when we came late to class only to get the attention of our favourite teacher, when thoughts were shared during class by passing notes with odd smirks on our faces pretending as if we were fooling the teachers and our hearts raced during exams and as the examiner passed by we tried to hide the stupid things written on our answer scripts.

I can trace some of my fondest memories way back from high school. Life sure is more complicated now and there are many friends of mine whom I’ve not met ever since we bade goodbye after that last day in school. Our lives have taken different paths and I hope that wherever we are and in whatever we do we are keeping the spirit of being a Tiny Totian alive.

In moments like now when I try to remember my school days my mind is flooded with many thoughts and wonder at the queerness of life. How much we’ve grown in this decade…we’ve emerged as adults, each one of us caught in the race and even if we feel nostalgic and remember all our innocent promises to remain best friends and to write to each other, it all seems so futile now and remains the best treasured memories ever ready to be buried in the sands of time. 


  1. As always, this post reminds me of my own school days. Innocent lines. I remember one Miss Shakuntala and Elizabeth from TTUS. Very good teachers.

    1. Sure they were one of the finest teachers...Physics was never boring..thanks to them. :)


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