Friday, 16 November 2012

As I blow the candle......

A page from my diary:

I turned a year older a few days ago. And as much as I wanted to keep it discreet, I should say my birthday wishes are still pouring in now. I guess as I add more numbers in my age, I have outgrown that feeling of having birthday bashes; which is perhaps the reason why I didn’t feel the need to update in facebook and which many of my online friends complained later. I wanted it simple. As I blew the candle amidst the echoing laughter and giggles of my friends in my room, I felt happy and realized that I have certainly grown older but wiser for sure. It is a pleasure to bask in the attention even if it lasted just for a day. I know it will be completely different a year later, when I move out of hostel but for now its all about friends storming in my room at midnight and singing “Happy Birthday” with a chocolate cake in hand. I am sure going to miss this one. The bestest thing is the little surprises we get and for me it was a phone call which announced that I had a bouquet waiting for me from friends who cared enough to remember my love for flowers and I smiled all through the tears as I hugged my best friend and couldn’t thank her enough for making my day special. May be that was the emotional me or the stupid me but its okay to be stupid sometimes isn’t it? I don’t have to be perfect, not anymore.

All these years have taught me profound lessons on life, family, friendship and love and made me the person that I am today. I am sure not missing out the opportunity to thank the folks who walked out of my life….You guys paved way for better things to fall in, for making me realize that there is light at the end of the tunnel, for hurting me and making me a stronger person and above all for making me have faith in love yet again. So screw you coz I have better things in store for me.... It is indeed a blessing to be surrounded by people who love me for what I am, the way I am with all my imperfections and from whom you can learn a lot about life. Thank you for making my life more beautiful. I am just beginning to understand the purpose of everything and it only makes me appreciate life better.

Love you all!! Cheers!! XOXO :D


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