Monday, 28 January 2013

Words put together

I don’t know for whom I write. I know there are millions who write better than me and many times my writings are not even worth reading. Its just that all this scribbling has become a way of my life and perhaps I have learnt to tame my heart, my fears and forgive myself through sheer words. Some of my friends told me that they understand me better through my writings and some even claim that I am an emotional freak so easy to please….God, they are right!! It all began when I was a kid, when I got my first diary and its all still there….all my memories of childhood, all these years as I grew up to be the person I am today….everything. Earlier I used to write for myself but now how I wish I can write for a better purpose. I keep striving but I know I have too many flaws and it only makes me feel smaller. May be I am just another girl with just another dream.

 I guess tonight is one of those many nights when I feel awfully worthless and the only way to seek solace is to look at the dark sky and feel the vast emptiness envelop me. 

And for you, my forgiven past, I write.


  1. dnt knw abt d millions of people writing better than u, but u r definitely on of d best I know. Keep writing. Who knows how much inspiration ur writings might give to sm1 u might not know. Cheers

    1. Thank you Rojit....Its just that sometimes my mind is blank when I really want to write something good. And, its really frustrating, you know!! Guess I need to work more :)

    2. I guess I get it, but at the same time I also know u'll get over it n start writing awesome posts yet again! :D Cheers!

    3. Thanks for the moral booster!! :)


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