Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Goodbye, my friend!!

Of all the goodbyes I ever said this sure is the hardest and the worst is that I have no other way to bid farewell to you. I am not sure if you will like this post of mine like you always used to do but I am putting in the best for you my friend. This is the least I can do for you. So many regrets, so many questions, so many unfulfilled promises and shattered dreams, so much of tears, pain and broken hearts and yet we can’t stop living. I still feel that you will show up with that infectious smile of yours and your voice ever so gentle. Did you wished for a second chance when you realized that it was all coming to a tragic end? I am sure you are in a much happier place now but the void you left in the hearts of your loved ones is truly irreplaceable. Never again will a mother hear the voice that lifts her soul, never again will a father be assured that his son will lend a shoulder to lean on, never again will a sister adore the beauty of life, and never again will a brother feel whole again. Even if the sun has set for you, your love continues to exist in the hearts of those who care for you. It all seems like a difficult to let it go so easily.

Isn't it  foolish to nurture all the jealousy, hatred and hurt when we are not even sure of our existence the next moment? We never know when a dear one will leave us today. Please take a moment to appreciate life and make someone happier even in the most insignificant manner…..coz you know, every act of kindness counts!! As always, what we really need is a little bit more love.

Stay blessed!!
 Rest in peace my are precious.

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