Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Random thoughts

Like a flower that has lost all scent
Like the rivers that have run dry
Like the barren soil awaiting the first dew
Here we have come to a stand still

A love that have lost all charm
Feelings faded and gone with time
The passion, the craze, the pain
All wiped and clean as a slate

Yet here we are standing
You and I looking like fools
Blaming and finding fault
With fake smile and a broken heart

Don't know what you feel baby
But guess its time for a deal
A love that has lost its beauty
And you and I making futile attempts

Yet I feel and u feel
The love once so strong and so true
Now lost and gone forever
Buried in the sands of time!!


  1. Never like poems honestly but such simple words with powerful feelings decorated with nature's beauty seem to rejuvenate and kindle my inner voice to listen to it!!!

    1. Thank u Rocky for the encouragement....and Im sure ur inner voice acknowledges the deepest thoughts which u've safely tucked away

  2. So deep thoughts are expressed vry elegantly....wonderful poem !!!!

  3. love once lost so strong.... trying real hard fighting with demons within... in the end raising up strong enough to let go... randoms thoughts but clearly expressed... Good one..!!!

    1. Thanks....of course the end marks a new beginning and we just need to be ready!!


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