Monday, 2 January 2012

A New Day has come

I can't understand why there is so much hype on the onset of a New year resolutions, things-to-do lists, celebrations and parties, getting drunk and the list goes on. Perhaps may be coz in a way everybody wants change secretly. Its like pressing "Refresh" and we imagine that our lives are gonna be brand new with the dawn of a new year. Of course, its a new year and we believe that we will be better in each way - less lazy, get up early, spend more time with family, drink less, be more charitable, short to be a better person little did we realise that its just wishful thinking. Its just a change in the date and everything else is the same. Such a gimmick over a mere change of date....does n't it occur everyday?

But then for all the times we had gone wrong we wish for a second chance and a brand new start and perhaps the beginning of a new year is just an opportunity to set things right and not to repeat the same mistakes. Perhaps it is the hope we nurture deep in our hearts that something good is awaiting us coz tomorrow is still a surprise for us, or its just that inspite of everything we still have something to look forward to.....and I guess this is the very essence of life. It doesn't matter in what way we spend the first day of the year - whether we were  under the warmth of a blanket like me or partying hard like some of my friends or spending time with family or just watching a movie with the one you love.....what really matters is if we are ready to barge in the new year with a reconciliation of our guilt and forgiveness of the mistakes caused and endured.

Atleast we are the fortunate ones who will witness the end of the world as had been talked about by many, if ever it will happen coz we have this gift call "life" in us. This is a reason to be happy and another reason to celebrate.

Happy NEW YEAR 2012..May the angel of love, happiness and peace be forever with you in the days to come.

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