Friday, 30 December 2011

Koffee and flipping through!!

A few years ago my favourite leisure activity used to be to huddle in a corner with a book in hand and a cup of coffee next to me. I used to love sipping my coffee, leaning on the wall, engrossed in my book. With the recent trend of social networking sites and easy access to Internet, readership of books has declined to the highest degree and I see the change in myself most precisely. I used to love the smell of hard bound books of I am amazed as to how I used to find pleasure amidst the sweet smell of old books. I feel humbled and small standing behind the tall racks and the overwhelming knowledge that surround me. Somewhere deep inside me I miss that part of me that craved for knowledge and the enthusiasm to learn more. I miss reading which has become a thing of the past due to sheer laziness. Those days when I used to have a book with me 24x7, when I used to spend sleepless nights trying to finish that book in hand, imagining the plot, falling in love with the characters and the way I used to identify myself with one of them  has all become a thing of the past.....I, for sure have changed with the passage of time.
                 They say reading increases your imagination...of course it does. And for those who aspire to be writers, reading is the means to an end. But then who has the time anyway. A simple search is all it takes instead of digging in the library, ultimately increasing the laziness of the many drawbacks of the technological revolution. 
                 Somewhere down the lane, I dream of owning a library...I even have the designs of my library. May be this new year will make me rediscover this passion of collect books from different fields, purchase some more books, read some more and own those books which I have for so long wanted to buy!! Who knows years later I can be like "Robert Langdon" - the walking encyclopedia or may be, just may be there is a Rhett Butler waiting for me!! ;)

P.S. Mind the difference between reading and studying!!


  1. "smell of hard bound books of library", "sweet smell of old books", "reading increases your imagination", "And for those who aspire to be writers, reading is the means to an end".. very true statements indeed... Wish this 2012 fulfill all your wishes.. have a wonderful journey with accompany of your books and your imaginations... happy writing..


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