Sunday, 11 December 2011

Its an end.....its a new beginning!!

The last couple of weeks of the dying year, I see the retrospection of the year that was and honestly it has been a year of many ups and down....began the year with the feelings of dejection and worthlessness coz of academic failures but all turned out well later.

After several attempts to hang on, with a final attempt to do things my way, I finally learnt to "let go" and my life has changed ever since. The disappointments of my past keeps whispering in my ears and I am still taming my fears. Ventured for a fresh new start and failed miserably yet again.

Fell in love with the court all over again. Sweated away my pain and agony. I was given another opportunity to play and rediscover satisfaction in hitting hard and smashing!!

Felt good to realise that readership of my articles are growing. Appreciated the accolades from my loved ones and new frens. I found back the passion of my life yet again and tasted the refreshing happiness that came with it. Saw my name in paper in academic arena.....felt humbled!!

Wished happiness and luck as my frens enter a new phase of life. Its a miracle to witness two souls promising each other for a lifetime of love, friendship, joy and to stand by each other through sickness, pain and happiness until death do them apart.

Learnt that the world isnt a bad place to live when u're surrounded with frens who willingly stood for 6 hrs in a crowded train.....just to give company.

Realised that feeling guilty is a part of life. And most importantly, learnt to forgive and forget.

The last few days of the 1st year of the decade and I guess it was awesome for me coz given a chance again I' rather make the same mistakes and have a blend of good and bad memories rather than leading a perfect life!!

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