Thursday, 1 December 2011

Manipur burning!!

I saw this grotesque picture of a bomb blast victim that happened yesterday at Imphal.  The first time I saw I was too stunned to react, words failed me. I saw some more pics and realised sharp tinge of tears in my eyes. What have we turned into? There he is, too shocked to react, the noise deafening him, not feeling any pain coz the pain was beyond anybody could endure, he must have felt death engulfing him slowing, darkness all around.

There he was lying,every drop of blood draining out and everybody was staring, no one offered to help, the police were interrogating trying to scrape out every bit of information till his dying moment. He waved at the people around as though calling for help. Nobody responded him. He was taken to the hospital in an army truck and succumbed to his injury on the way.

I wonder what he must have felt at his dying moments. It gives me a chill. It could have been me or my loved ones. This is horrifying. Today morning he woke up unaware that he was seeing his wife and son for the last time. His life was bought and sold for Rs 20. That was his worth. His pictures and videos are widely circulated...some even questioning his innocence!!

Humanity is lost. A life came to an end in a matter of seconds. We are turning into beasts!! Should we still sit back and stay silent unless we are the victim? Its too selfish not to feel anything and not to do heart reach out to his family. May his soul rest in peace!! 


  1. you may not agree or like this particular opinion,but i think every citizen of manipur is somehow responsible for what situation they have now in the state.people needs to stand up against something terribly wrong and not get used to it.

  2. Of course i agree with you.....and it is assuring to realise that there is a huge mass contributing to bring forth a change in their own way despite how insignificant it may seem....the process may be slow and take years but a change sure awaits us!!


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