Sunday, 27 November 2011

Easy way out

I hear of all these things happening back at was a bandh. the economic blockade is still going strong with no hopes of termination in the near future. Its sad...may be beyond sad. I was listening to some contemporary music of today's youngsters showing their angst through music. I guess everybody wants a change. It may be that a greater number want to pack their bags and leave Manipur due to the prevailing situation. That is the easy way out. We are paid according to our abilities, we dont have to face the problems of bandhs, electricity and the sort of daily saga of violence which we face everyday.

The most disappointing part is that the people have somehow gotten used to the pathetic condition and have adjusted their lives accordingly. It is like the story of the frog in the well. We've forgotten to fight for our lives and even if we have fought, we've faced bitter defeat and the struggle goes on..... News of violence that adorn the newspapers everyday are mere topics of discussion on the breakfast table. A blast kills many lives; the next day the relatives stage a demonstration and after a few days nobody even remembers. What is the value of life?

There is no hope for Manipur at least in the near future. We have a generation of youth caught in bribery and corruption, ready to buy a mere graduate job for 12 lakhs. There are a lot of masses fighting against the system at their own level and I appreciate and admire their inspiration and courage. It is just too selfish to stay silent, complain about the system and get involved with our own lives. May be it is foolishness as some claim, may be it will be of no use outwardly, but I guess I am just doing my part and giving back what I owe coz this is all I can do at present.

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