Monday, 12 March 2012

HIM and HER sat down to write a story....came out with all stupid ideas and held on to this one...realised how much more I need to work on :( 

She hated his guts and his arrogance. He had his own selfish ways of meeting his ends which she knew inside out. He was every bit of what she doesn’t want in a man. How can someone be so blunt about one’s feelings? He saw her twice and blurted out “I love you”. Is it even possible? Does he even know what “love” is? She politely refused but knew he would not give up easily. 

He first saw her on one of those nonchalant evenings when he was sitting idly with his friends talking, gossiping and enjoying their favourite sport “chick watch”. She walked past them without the slightest acknowledgement of him or his friends surpassing the macho image they flaunt and ignoring them in the most graceful way. She wasn’t the prettiest face he had ever seen. He was sure she was someone who will be oblivion after a couple of days. He wondered whatever happened to his charms to impress girls. He knew she would give lewd comments; talk rudely and dismiss him which was exactly what he wanted coz he found such woman amusing and loved the challenge. Never did he anticipated  that he was in for a tough call.

She paid no heed even when he appeared everywhere with his regular phone calls and messages. She wondered if he had nothing else better to do than to invade her privacy. She firmly told him not to call her again and assured that she was in no way interested. “Can we be friends?” he asked. “I don’t want to be. I have enough of friends whom I can’t even give time to” she replied sharply.

“You know you are a very proud girl” he said.

“Whatever, as if I care.”

He knew he should stop. He had bore enough of insult. She wasn’t even pretty enough but he liked the way she was all in the air. He dialed again and when she responded, he told “Look I don’t even know why I am calling you again. Consider yourself lucky coz I usually never do like this. I must be really liking you.” She laughed when she heard it. Gosh, how can anybody be so big-headed to say something like that? She asked “So, what do you want?” “I want you to be my girlfriend”? “You know you’re crazy!! What do you know about me?”

“I’ll know after you are my girlfriend. I like you”

She was so full of questions. It was impossible but she found herself drawn to him.  She didn’t want to take a chance though. As careful as she was in falling in love, as careless he was when it come to expressing his feelings.

He could feel the other side of her, the mysterious side beyond her pride and ego. Indeed this was the part of her that he found most appealing and attractive and worthy of the chase.

 (to be continued)


  1. working on a love story huh..... good.. and keep it coming... good luck:)

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  3. Omg... So interesting.. I have a question for you.. have you written any novels? If so, can you give me some names of your book and tell me where to find. I'll be looking forward to reading some of your work. It's not that I am not enjoying your blog. I AM "super-enjoying"it.


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