Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Oh, My people!!

Turned on my lap-top yesterday, surfed my favourite sites and it was everywhere....10th Manipur Legislative Assembly Election 2012 updates and timelined results, some updating the results, many commenting and providing useful insights, and many more merely enjoying the scene and ignoring the heated exchange of words, thoughts and anger. Even my Dad called me all so super-excited coz his candidate won.

It was a day of overwhelming joy for those who won, and for the many who've lost, a day as gloomy as ever, and still for many more people just another day. Nothing changed for them and it is this section of people for whom the highest concern is. They say "ignorance is bliss" and perhaps it best describes the vast majority of the people of Manipur and the situation of Manipur. The entire process of election was a faux paas. Our citizenship bought and sold and now its time to pay the price. For the next five year we have no choice but to stay back and bear the consequences. The 3 month long economic blocade, recent bomb blasts that shook the valley not to mention the decade long struggle for repealing AFSPA, innocent killings, issues of territorial integrity of Manipur, deteriorating education systems, unethical and corrupted system of the entire Government offices are the major forerunners in the never ending list of political and social problems of Manipur. For sure, each problem cannot be isolated as they are intricately woven as the roots of the present state of turmoil can be traced about half century ago and the struggle of the masses goes on. 

The irony is that the people remains seemingly untroubled and have adjusted their lifestyles from living without power supply for days altogether to paying 200 bucks for a litre of petrol to witnessing security personnels going haywire and firing innocent public. Atleast this is what the results indicate......we are just not yet ready for a change and until there is no mass awakening the hue and cry of the  afflicted few will fall into deaf ears as it always have throughout this years.

The winds of change just seem so distant....and its just hope and only hope that remains. 


  1. People didn't have any option. their response is because of the system.. the problem is with the system...

    1. Yeah, its the system and the irony is that we become submissive to the system...its a wake up call for everyone!! :)


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