Saturday, 27 July 2013

Admission blues and Chinese toppings!!

I have been called a lot of things by many people who love me and who hate me. Well I am not here to prove myself righteous coz I know there are many shades in my personality but among all the qualities I appreciate and wish to inculcate, I should say what I really really need is PATIENCE…lots and lots of it. I have like zero tolerance when it comes to waiting and I have suffered a great deal coz I just run out of this so called “patience” almost all the time. Be it waiting for my turn in my hostel mess, sneaking around my Supervisor’s office when she is having those long talks with her colleagues about God knows what, even the few seconds of Ad in Youtube before they show the video are just so hard to endure. May be I should take them as opportunities to work on my patience but I am telling you….I have been working it for so long without much result whatsoever. 

Every Semester there is Registration of every student of my university and you can imagine how everyone is in hurry and the long queues in every counter. And we have to pay for atleast 3 receipts for some stupid activities which we never participate not to mention that the amount we pay keeps increasing every year and the students pay without questioning even once as to where the money is going. Imagine struggling in a queue that moves at a snail’s pace at 40 degrees, sweat drenched, running around offices for signatures only to realize that there is a tea break and you have to wait another half an hour for one damned signature coz you cant do anything about it. Then there are Professors who torment you by asking about your progress in the last semester and cornering you as though you have done nothing except eat and sleep and gossip all this time. Somehow dragging myself along throughout the entire campus, I registered myself and legally became a student of the university….my patience tried many times, tired, frustrated, my anger beyond bounds.

I guess my friends were also feeling the same storm inside them as we were walking silently. Suddenly there was this group of about 5/6 men who saw us and they started whispering among themselves “Chinese” “Nepali” or something. They walked past us. I turned and shouted back “Bheiya, hum log Chinese nahi hain. Aap log kya samajte hein humko? Aap log kyun kuch nahi jante? Kaha se aaye ho? (Brother, we are not Chinese. What do you think of us? Why are you so ignorant? Where have you come from?) All my anger and frustrations took charge and I was spilling it over to them. Poor men, they just turned around, smiled shyly, whispered something to each other and walked away. And I should tell you I never felt so much better. I felt as though I won a fight and smiled triumphantly at my friends and we all laughed. Other days we might have just ignored it as it wasn’t the first time that they have called us names but not when my patience is tried.

I have read somewhere that you become impatient coz you are selfish enough NOT to realize that other people’s priorities are also important. And I so don’t want to be this person but sometimes it gets so difficult. Whatever it takes, I need to keep trying coz I know all I need to do is wait….soon enough everything is gonna be just perfect for me :) 


  1. 6th line 1st paragraph & 2nd sentence 2nd paragraph
    really touch me..ha3.. nice one,like it!!!

    1. hahaha...thanks David!! We really cant get enough of the day :D


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