Monday, 22 July 2013

Beauty is the night

Looking past my window I see the ever so beautiful moon, the soft wind playing with my hair and occasionally I have to tuck a few of my stranded hair behind my ear and carry on with my thoughts as I pen it down. So majestic and serene, and I know the moment is perfect coz every bit of my body is soaked in the beauty of the moment. The stars seem to lay a blanket over the black sky. Does the stars feel jealous of the moon coz its the moon that every poet talks about, the moon that every lover grew to be fond of....the moon whose beauty have bedazzled the hearts of every artist. And yet, I am sure many of us are like the stars....somehow our lives are eclipsed by the ghastly presence of something more heavenly and utterly beautiful like the moon......but yet again, when the moon goes down, in moonless nights, it is the stars that lit up the sky in all its glory, the stars that guide the sailors, the stars that make the moonless night even more matter how long the wait is, there will be atleast a moonless night when our glory will be seen and appreciated....and we've gotta wait for that day...coz its so much worth it!!

As the moon spread its magical beams across the sky I wonder is it the same moon that bore witness when history it the same moon that saw Noah build the ark, the same moon when historic battles were fought, the same moon that saw the rise and fall of empires....coz for sure such peaceful nights reminds me of the many nights I spent with my long lost friends cracking silly jokes, the beautiful moon making me fall in love with the one whom I used to think was the love of my life...a love that faded with time...and yet I know it was perfect!!

Such is the loyalty of the moon. She keeps your secrets, offers you solace and heals your broken hearts and stands by you when you have an aching heart......and after all these years it still stands tall and pretty as ever....witnessing history and perhaps making mankind even more humane.

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  1. wah ji wah... opening line du yamna romantic oiko!

  2. che, yam Beautiful takhre....... love it :-)


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