Sunday, 21 July 2013

Back to normal

Ah....been so long since I updated my blog. So, I went home...stayed there for a few weeks and flew to Bangalore with friends to visit the ever so dreamy Coorg. And yes, it did felt like a dream. The cool breeze, the scenic beauty, the mild showers and yummy food and the long bus rides. It was perfect....even more than perfect coz when you visit new places with your closest friends the excitement is doubled. I just wish that we had a longer visit coz there were so much more to be explored.

There I was at home a few weeks ago savouring the home-cooked steamed foods with boiled vegetables, visiting friends and relatives, dressed in our traditional attires, attending weddings, going on long drives with friends, listening patiently to my Mom as she teach me life lessons...spending every bit of my vacation in the best way I could. Then I flew to Delhi for some family work.....Well, I wonder how people dont get roasted at Delhi? Its just too hot there...So when I finally reached Bangalore..the first thing I noticed apart from the grinning face that greeted me was the weather.....perfect!! And I knew, I was gonna have some wonderful days ahead of me. From North-East to North to South India, wasnt I just enjoying every bit of it? So vast, so different not even remotely close to each other in terms of looks, food, dresses, culture...every bit of it...yet bound together by a single thread...splendid!!

So here I am once again, wishing and hoping to submit my dessertation in time. I know I have some rough months ahead and I have to be at my Supervisor's mercy for some more time.....and may be when I feel low in days to come I can unlock the treasure trove of memories and it may just help me to survive the trying times that lay ahead of me...Well, good luck to me!! ;)

Somewhere at Coorg, Karnataka

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